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Menubar app to keep track of running deploys on Vercel and Netlify

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App mockup with projects and deploys, displays variety of build states and links to visit output and inspect logs
Small snippet of app, showing single deploy with its properties

All the info you care about

Shiplog tells you the current status of your builds, and provides quick links to your previews, commits and logs.

Top right corner of macOS menubar with an anchor icon with three dots to indicate a building state. Also shows small snippet of Shiplog app.

Out of sight, out of mind

Shiplog pins to your menubar and signals the state of in-progress builds. Keeping up with your deploys is just a quick glance away.

Small snippet of app, showing single deploy with its properties

Dark mode

Shiplog supports features you expect from a modern desktop app. Not only does it include a , it runs natively on Apple Silicon as well.

two chips to represent service support for Netlify and Vercel

Netlify & Vercel

Shiplog supports both Netlify and Vercel, and makes it easy to switch accounts.

Made by us

Shiplog is a product of “Amsterdam's hottest product design hub” (our house). We're ex-study friends, current roommates and made this together for you to enjoy. We hope you like this little app as much as we do.

profile photo of Nils Westhoff

Nils Westhoff

Developer & Designer

profile photo of Zeno Kapitein

Zeno Kapitein

Designer & Developer


...and you?

Shiplog is fully open source, and we invite you to help us make it better for everyone. Whether you'd like to add support for a new service, report a bug or add some tests. All contributions are welcome, and we'd love to put your name up there with ours.

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